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Where does the time go?

Gosh, it's been much too long since i've updated my journal. There's been a lot of activity around here lately. i've had to go in the blue box not once but twice, and the second time, i ended up someplace strange that is apparently our new home.

The other big change is that this new human keeps coming over, or auntie will leave me for a really long time, and come back smelling like this other human. She's OK i think (i'll get her back for locking me in the bathroom!!), and she smells friendly. i can't tell exactly how many animals own her, but i know it's a LOT.

our new house is nice. it's really big, and has lots of doors to try to open. there's more windows for me to lay in, too. there more of a lot of things, come to think of it. i've got a ton of space to roll around and stretch, and lots of carpet to claw up.

Auntie told me the other night that my mom will be coming to see me soon! i miss them all.
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